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Bug [Bags] 3 Bug Reports

ShestakUI version:
Version: 7.0.2

WoW version:
Patch: 8.0.1, Build: 27377

Installed and running addons:
ShestakUI, ShestakUI_Config

Screenshot(if that matters for error):

Lua error code(if that matters for error):
Code [Select]:
How to reproduce error:
1, When you remove or replace a bag, it will not update the bags layout until you open and close it first after placing or removing the bag.

2, Search in bags does not seem to include Keystones in search.

3, you can not see the CanIMogIt icon on slots at all.

What it looks like for blizz frames.

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Also going to add that we can not see the azerite texture on the bag slots either which can be helpful.

what it looks like in the default bags.

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