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Removed Release Spirit popup fix. >>>
Added cooking bag detect. >>>
Changed StyleButton for tabs to prevent disappearance texture when pushed. >>>
Fixed wrong icon in Core Ability Tab for SpellBook skin. >>>
Fixed cinematic popup scale. >>>
Added some debuffs. >>>
Update PvE.lua >>>
Fixed ToggleMenu error. >>>
Added Orb of Power display. >>>
Updated zhTW locale. >>>
Added new feature "Faction icon in BG". >>>
Deleted Author.lua and some my code. >>>
Don't show LFGQueueTimer if Big Wigs is loaded. >>>
Cleanup. >>>
Deleted ILF7 config from Profiles.lua >>>
Improved FactionIcon and cleanup. >>>
Added "Drums of Rage". >>>
Added one new ICD. >>>
Updated RaidAuraWatch. >>>
Cleanup. >>>
Forgot variables. >>>
Changed spec text for arena preparation frame. >>>
Reverted some bad changes. >>>
Updated Talents to prevent wrong check symbiosis. >>>
Added Spirit of Chi-Ji. >>>
Fixed Talents. >>>
Disable auto role if loaded BigWigs. >>>
Added "Temporal Ripples" merge. >>>
Added "Waterbolt" and "Ice Lance" merge. >>>
Added POWER_TYPE_FEL_ENERGY color. >>>
Hide power value if it does not exist. >>>
Cleanup tooltip >>>
Fixed hide realm tooltip. >>>
Cleanup. >>>
Updated toc files. >>>