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7.0.9 ===> 7.1.0
  • A detailed list of changes see here.
  • Rewrote ShestakUI_Config.
  • Updated Filger for Druid.
  • Show the rest icon at the maximum level.
  • Changed name for ColorPicker ClassColor button.
  • Updated locales for GUI.
  • Tweak width for text in dropdown box.
  • Added new category for ShestakUI_Config to change fonts.
  • Merge map settings to minimap.
  • Change overlay_color => backdrop_alpha
  • Added more options for Font.
  • Allow check only white or black list error.
  • Tweak slider calculation.
  • Better way to use PlaySound.
  • Update German locale
  • Clarify LiteStats help text for the Durability datatext.
  • Fixed typo in Bags
  • Tracking more cooldowns in Filger by jmedrano87.
  • Sorting LiteStats help locales.
  • Updated junk locales.
  • Added pixel font settings.
  • Resort options.
  • Renamed track_auras => track_debuffs.
  • Added new locale L.misc_shift_marking_desc.
  • Added L.misc_raid_tools_desc locale.
  • Fixed backdrop for action buttons.
  • Fixed BarStance not shown when login.
  • Move invite_keyword to automation. Added description and slightly changed commands.
  • Hide MainMenuBarArtFrame.
  • Fixed set bindings for stance bar. Fixed error when disabled action bars. Increased the number of macros.
  • Updated oUF.
  • Changed width for ArchaeologyFrameRaceFilter.
  • Changed position for tooltip in Archaeology.
  • Updated TabBinder.
  • Updated spells for BuffOnScroll.
  • Updated Stagger.
  • Change some position for elements in GUI.
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes.