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5.0.3 ===> 5.0.4
  • Fixed nil error.
  • Updated Credits.
  • Changed description.
  • Fixed skin edit box for LFGListFrame.
  • Added skin for LFGListFrame.NothingAvailable.
  • Prevent change combat log tab name .
  • Fixed mount macro.
  • Added skin for Overachiever tabs.
  • Fixed ilvl for raid heirloom.
  • Added Eminence merge.
  • Fixed blank button in QuestInfo skin.
  • Improved AddonList skin.
  • Updated BadBuffs.
  • Added new portals and Blingtron 5000 to Announcements.
  • Added more "Polymorph" and "Arcane Torrent" spells to Diminishing.
  • Added some spells.
  • Updated descriptions.
  • Replaced loot announce locales.
  • Fixed SkinReward.
  • Changed to world latency for Memory.
  • Improved rune check in Filger.
  • Added Dark Simulacrum CD.
  • Added "Shadow Infusion" on 5 count and "Blood Charge" on 10 count to Filger.
  • Added new locale L_ANNOUNCE_INTERRUPTED.
  • Added Queue timer on PVPReadyDialog.
  • Added "Auto opening of items in bag" option.
  • Updated locales.
  • Better way to check "Caster" and "Melee" role.
  • Added TotemBar option for Warrior, Mage, Monk and Druid.
  • Try to fix chi bar.
  • Check all class to find caster.
  • Better way to set icon for RaidBuffsReminder.
  • Updated SpamageMeters.
  • ArmoryLink now option.
  • Moved ArmoryLink from Chat to Misc.
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes.