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5.1.3 ===> 5.1.4
  • Added more spells to CombatText.
  • Added new poles for announce.
  • Added announce "Devotion Aura".
  • Updated Reminders.
  • Allow set user scale for high resolution.
  • Fixed some of /fstack conflicts.
  • Fixed error when mouseover close button on Archaeology.
  • Improved reward skin in PvE frame. Fixed blank texture for money.
  • Updated PetJournal skin.
  • Restyle level for PetBattle.
  • Change name for Ancient Dalaran portal.
  • Moved spell check in core addons.
  • Improved TotemBar for other classes. Now show only active spells.
  • Rework AutoRelease to support Ashran.
  • Added new option to hide Player and Target lines.
  • Restyle slider for options scroll. Change the size to avoid confusion with the checkboxes.
  • Added support "Prismatic Crystal" and "Mirror Image" for Filger.
  • Added "Summon Gargoyle" to Filger.
  • Added support toy for AlreadyKnown .
  • Added WorldStateScoreFrameQueueButton skin.
  • Added DBM_GUI_OptionsFrameWebsiteButton skin.
  • Added RaidFinderQueueFrameScrollFrameScrollBar skin.
  • Added "Netherwinds" in Filger.
  • Added force warning for Ashran invite.
  • Updated Auctionator skin.
  • Archaeology bar now can be enabled n combat.
  • Rework test ui to avoid errors in combat after hide.
  • Limit height for castbar text to avoid a two-line text.
  • Improved coordinates for LiteStats.
  • Don't show cooldown timer for spells that has active charge.
  • Decrease UIErrorsFrame strata.
  • Raise frame level for alert frames.
  • Added Recruiter frame skin.
  • Added DraenorZoneAbilityFrame skin.
  • Updated FogOfWar.
  • Fixed cooldown size for item in ObjectiveTracker.
  • Raise priority for CC in ArenaControl.
  • Resort PvP debuffs for Filger.
  • Resort Damage Reduction spells in Filger.
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes
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