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5.0.4 ===> 5.0.5
  • Added some spells for Warrior.
  • Added "Blood Craze" to healfilter.
  • Fixed CounterBar for pet. Adjust position and width.
  • Raise level for FaceShooter.
  • Adjust slider height in ShestakUI_Config.
  • Added PLAYER_ENTERING_WORLD event for TabBinder.
  • Added page switching for Warrior.
  • Added "Divine Insight" to Filger.
  • Added tip for AutoButton.
  • Fixed description.
  • Added WhiteNormalNumberFont.
  • Added QuestMapRewardsFont.
  • Tweak SelfBuffsReminder.
  • Fixed GameMenu for Mac client.
  • Added LFGListFrame.ApplicationViewer skin.
  • Improved Drinking.lua.
  • SetDrawEdge(false) for RaidDebuffs.
  • Attempt to fix InstanceLockCompare.
  • Added new flask and potions.
  • Moved "Will of the Forsaken" to Cooldowns.
  • Added some spells to Cooldowns.
  • Added more spells to Reminders.
  • Prevent to change SetTexCoord in WeakAuras skin.
  • Reworked ObjectiveTrackerFrame.HeaderMenu.MinimizeButton skin.
  • Added more spells to Reminders.
  • Added more check for "Horn of Winter".
  • Updated RaidAuraWatch.
  • Added some buffs for Warrior.
  • Update Chinese.lua
  • Update Taiwan.lua
  • Added "Beacon of Insight" to RaidAuraWatch.
  • Check "Unstable Affliction" by spell id.
  • Added slash command for DeclineDuel.
  • Kill some AlertFrame_OnClick functions.
  • Changed position for Garrison icon.
  • Fixed skin for Garrison recourses.
  • Added GarrisonCapacitiveDisplayFrame skin.
  • Added some Monk spells to Filger.
  • Kill Garrison icon and add it to right click minimap menu.
  • Changed Cenarion Ward =>Rejuvenation (Germination).
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes.