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5.1.5 ===> 5.1.6
  • Updated Disable.
  • Moved some elements in AlertFrames skin.
  • Rework item border for Guild bank. Now faster.
  • Skin guild bank scrolls.
  • Check disenchant by item level.
  • Added some spells for death knight.
  • Added some spells for warrior.
  • Added some spells for druid and rogue.
  • Added some spells for monk.
  • Added some spells for shaman and warlock.
  • Merge all damage from guardian unit.
  • Fixed compatibility with other nameplate addons.
  • Removed TradeSkillClearButton.
  • Better way to hide combat tab.
  • Auto open copy chat after /fl.
  • Added untested detect arena healers.
  • Reanchored and skin GarrisonShipMissionAlertFrame and GarrisonShipFollowerAlertFrame.
  • Revert changes in talent skin that cause taint.
  • Always put Hearthstone at first, except of trash.
  • Added "Seraphim" cd.
  • Added some spells.
  • Rework overlay color to prevent bright color.
  • Fixed cooldown for profession.
  • Hide everything of blizzard nameplate.
  • Fixed AutoGreed exclude disenchanting.
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes
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