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3.2.6 ===> 3.2.7
  • Deleted extra spaces or tabs in code.
  • Deleted Taunt from AnnounceSpells list. A lot of spam.
  • Reduced font size for PvP FrameDescription.
  • Fixed Aurora error if not loaded BaudErrorFrame.
  • Added more slash commands for farmmode minimap.
  • Reverting to oUF 1.5.13 for fix runebar/swing bars update.
  • Fixed Speed buff source in Filger.
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes.

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For the first time to file curse approved faster than wowi

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3.2.7 ===> 3.2.8
  • RaidUtility now disabled if a player is not party leader.
  • Added support auto accept invite from your friends list.
  • Fixed buttons positions for QuestLogDetailFrame.
  • Some changes in Recount skin.
  • Some changes in SpellAnnounce.
  • New style combo points now by default.
  • Added Fang of the Wolf in AutoButton list.
  • Disabling actionbar script if enabled RazerNaga.
  • Added some frames in Auctionator skin.
  • Added Oz@Runetotem Config in Profiles.lua.
  • Some changes in MiniMap(cleanup and ptr ready).
  • Added default stats for DK in LiteStats config.
  • Added MT/MTT/MTTT frames in ShestakUI_DPS.
  • Skin StaticPopup item icons.
  • Fixed HyperLink error.
  • Fixed typo in xCT.
  • Some changes in Filger.
  • Updated locales.
  • Some changes to support PTR 4.3.
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes.

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Added PayPal Donation, more info

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3.2.8 ===> 3.2.9
  • Updated RealLinks.
  • Updated oUF_AutoResurrect.
  • Fixed RaidBuffReminderAnchor position and size.
  • Some changes in oUF.
  • Added Ring of Frost in arena CrowdControl list.
  • Fixed FrameStrata for "Announce loot" button.
  • Reorganization target paladin buffs in Filger.
  • Deleted trinket procs with ~100% uptime from Filger.
  • Some changes in Filger.
  • Added Portuguese locale for PTR 4.3.
  • Some changes to support PTR 4.3.
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes.