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3.2.3 ===> 3.2.4
  • Added some words in ChatSpamList.
  • Added AutoNeedList items.
  • Some changes for avoidance in LiteStats.
  • Misclicks for some popup.
  • Disabling FrameStackTooltip skin when loaded Aurora.
  • Skin DBMRangeCheckRadar.
  • Identifies the authors of oUF modules.
  • Added some Trinkets in Filger.
  • Added new option - Show macro name on action buttons.
  • Added a new option for spells announcement - "From all" or "From myself".
  • Fixed deDE locale in teksLoot.
  • Added zhCN in teksLoot.
  • Updated deDE/frFR/zhTW/zhCN locales.
  • Fixed wrong font size after copying text from chat.
  • Updated Skada settings for '/settings skada' command.
  • Updated oUF.
  • Updated Credits.
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes.