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7.0.6 ===> 7.0.7
  • A detailed list of changes see here.
  • Fixed function returns for DiminishingCD that cause it broken.
  • Fixed combo points for Druid when login.
  • Updated Diminishing spells.
  • Updated OrderHallTalentFrame skin.
  • Updated all Licenses.
  • Updated AutoAccept.
  • Added skin for LFGListFrame.EntryCreation.ActivityFinder.
  • Added raid debuffs for Battle of Dazar'alor.
  • Added skin for ChallengesFrame.SeasonChangeNoticeFrame.
  • Fixed selected texture for Binding skin.
  • Disable movement for nameplates.
  • Added SetCVar("nameplateSelectedScale", 1).
  • Improved skin for SubSkillRankBar.
  • Rewrite skin for CharacterStatsPane.
  • Adjusted EncounterJournal skin.
  • Added auto width for afk panel depending of text width.
  • Fixed HighlightTexture for Character item slots.
  • Fixed warn level for specialization.
  • Reworked Talents dataText. It anchor bottom stats and allow change loot spec.
  • Reworked Filger for better performance.
  • Improved reputation datatext to show paragon and friendship value.
  • Optimize RaidDebuffs to avoid double calling UnitAura function.
  • Added skin for SpecializationSpecIcon.
  • Changed title for lockouts raid.
  • Adjusted position for PaperDollItemsFrame.UnspentAzeriteHelpBox.CloseButton.
  • Reworked Obliterum skin.
  • Fixed skin icon for Scrapping.
  • Added skin for AzeriteRespec.
  • Adjusted AzeriteRespecFrame.ButtonFrame.AzeriteRespecButton position.
  • Added color for /framelist.
  • Rework ItemLevel.
  • Fixed WorldMapFrame position when open other frames.
  • Adjusted position for CommunitiesFrame.ChatEditBox and CommunitiesFrame.StreamDropDownMenu.NotificationOverlay.
  • Rework scroll down for CopyChat.
  • Changed strata for LiteStats.
  • Fixed Container skin.
  • Updated Rematch skin.
  • Fixed Seal count for Clock datatext and added color.
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes.
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