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7.0.1 ===> 7.0.2
  • A detailed list of changes see here.
  • Try to fix OptionButton skin in QuestChoice.
  • Fixed Contribution skin.
  • Added skin for WarCampaignTooltip.
  • Changed font for description in Warboard.
  • Properly hide background for KeyBindingFrameScrollFrame.
  • Added skin for new elements in Options.
  • Try to fix QuestFrame_ShowQuestPortrait.
  • Updated oUF_Trinkets.
  • Added chat channel option for minimap menu.
  • Updated CastBar.
  • Added new procs for Mage.
  • Returned check spell by name for Filger.
  • Create new global function to check player buffs.
  • Restrict access to forbidden nameplate for ClickCast.
  • Added new CombatText & FilgerSpells.
  • Fixed FogOfWar.
  • Use AuraUtil.FindAuraByName for Filger.
  • Changed position for main tanks if enabled split bar.
  • Fixed Auction skin when Auctionator is disable.
  • Added new functions SetOutside and SetInside.
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes.
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Erratic (06.08.2018), flameflower (04.09.2018), Shestak (06.08.2018), Sw2rT1 (05.08.2018)