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6.1.9 ===> 6.2.0
  • A detailed list of changes see here.
  • Added "Apex Predator" proc.
  • Update FilgerSpells.lua.
  • Added some spells for Warrior AOE spam filter.
  • Reskinned Recap Button.
  • Added Missing Scrollbar.
  • Delete stat multistrike.
  • Added new Argus trinket for AOE spam filter.
  • Added border for bags in bank.
  • Added border for suggestion reward.
  • Added border for currency.
  • Added "Pawn" icon support.
  • ixed icon for SkinGarrisonTalentAlert.
  • Added more alerts for test.
  • Fixed border for legendary items.
  • Removed DBM.BossHealth.
  • Fixed world map error in combat.
  • Updated FogOfWar.
  • Fix stack item level when unequip main hand.
  • Updated AutoAccept.
  • Updated raid vehicle handling hack.
  • Updated item level for Bags.
  • Added hack for Netherlight Crucible level.
  • Changed draw layer for reward icon.
  • Added skin for bonus and reward icons.
  • Updated oUF_ArtifactPower.
  • Updated short values for LiteStats.
  • Removed PallyPower skin. This addon has abandoned.
  • Removed CheckItemTransmogrify.
  • Skin Quick Join Tooltip.
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes.