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3.5.0 ===> 3.5.1
  • Updated ruRU/itIT locales.
  • Fixed solo unitrole in tooltip.
  • Fixed scroll frame in gui for some options.
  • Now the durability of the items are not displayed if "current = maximum".
  • Added "Blessings group" for paladin in BuffReminder.
  • Fixed rune color on login.
  • Added LFR Boss info for time datatext in LiteStats.
  • Changed anchor for threatmeter.
  • Rewrite copy url from chat module.
  • Added crop player realm name in chat.
  • Added auto popup for solve artifact.
  • Fixed typo in oUF.
  • Fixed MerchantFrame skin.
  • Added PendingListInfoFrame/PendingListInfoFrameContinueButton skin.
  • Some changes in Profiles.lua
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes.