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6.0.8 ===> 6.0.9
  • A detailed list of changes see here.
  • Readded LibExtraTip skin.
  • Hide world quest background for header.
  • Added skin for PvP talents.
  • Added Presige texture for talent.
  • Added skin for PvP talent inspect.
  • Added Pyretic Incantation for Mages filger.
  • Added skin for XPBar in PvP.
  • Added skin for BonusRollFrame.SpecIcon.
  • Added new option "Hide Talking Head Frame".
  • Added skin for world quest item icon.
  • Skinned WarGamesFrameInfoScrollFrameScrollBar.
  • Fixed TemporaryEnchantFrame position.
  • Added skin for QuickJoinRoleSelectionFrame.
  • Updated WowheadLink to grab quest id from world/bonus objectives.
  • Fixed half-lines on Combat text.
  • Added new command /xct reset to restore positions.
  • Added "Glacial Spike!" proc for frost mage
  • Added Game15Font_o1 style.
  • Fixed tooltip size for long spec name
  • Updated ItemLevel, reworked to scan tooltip.
  • Updated SlotItemLevel, reworked to scan tooltip.
  • Updated AutoAccept.
  • Changed size for WardrobeCollectionFrameWeaponDropDown.
  • Reworked bags item level.
  • Updated TabBinder.
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes.
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