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6.0.2 ===> 6.0.3
  • Update OpenItems.lua
  • Fixed GCD for Demon Hunter.
  • Added "Leeching Poison" for Reminder.
  • Added new Rogue's spells for Filger.
  • Hide border for Skada.
  • Updated AlertFrames.
  • Don't show raid target icon for player nameplate.
  • Fix Convert Party to Raid command.
  • Cleanup and possibly fix taint.
  • Update QuestLog.lua
  • Set alpha for non-target nameplates. Added health value. Fixed castbar hiding.
  • Updated AlertFrames skin.
  • Dynamic latency check not work, use static instead.
  • Updated command to test alert frames.
  • Fixed hiding blizzard combat text.
  • Another way to disable combat text.
  • Mage can't dispel curse now.
  • Updated Profiles.
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes