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4.3.7 ===> 4.3.8
  • Removed oQueue whisper sound.
  • Changed some font size for DXE skin.
  • Added PvP Ready Dialog skin.
  • Added new option "Auto equip Safari Hat".
  • Updated zhTW/zhCN locales.
  • Changed CD for "Alter Time".
  • Fixed FogOfWar.
  • Update PvE skin.
  • Update Honor frame skin.
  • Better stylization for Help Browser.
  • Added stylization for Bonus Rep button.
  • Change drop down size only if enable stylization.
  • Changed tabs order for DungeonTabs.
  • Changed SetRaidTarget -> SetRaidTargetIcon.
  • Fixed BadGear.
  • Added skin for WarGames buttons and basic skin for specific BG buttons.
  • Fixed scroll in LFR skin.
  • Fixed code for oQueue sound.
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes.