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Fixed item lvl when it upgraded. >>>
Changed color of pet to green when it out of range. >>>
Updated toc files. >>>
Fixed showing tooltip in bags. >>>
Added default Blizzard bags sort. >>>
Cleanup. >>>
Added "Power of the Grave" to Reminders. >>>
Fixed hide spiral when login in game. >>>
Enable QuestLevel in WorldMap >>>
Added item icon in other tooltips. >>>
Updated some spells. >>>
Cleanup. >>>
Updated Bags. >>>
Use default StaticPopupDialog for buy new bags. >>>
Fixed nil error. >>>
Delete PET_DISMISS line from UnitPopupMenu. >>>
Fixed WorldMap positions. >>>
Cleanup. >>>
Use menu for all bags close buttons. >>>
Renamed some button names. >>>
Enable Vehicle button for possess bar. >>>
Fixed nil error. >>>
Updated LiteStats. >>>
Cleanup. >>>
Improved HideSpiral, >>>
Fixed double message in SayThanks. >>>
Removed server from Spells announce. >>>
Better fix for bags tooltip. >>>
Updated toc files. >>>