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4.2.2 ===> 4.2.3
  • Added battlepet link type to Hyperlink function.
  • Added tolltip fot switch button.
  • Added QuestInfoSpellObjectiveFrame skin.
  • Added more spells.
  • Updated locales.
  • Fixed tooltip color nil error.
  • Fixed LFRBrowse skin.
  • Fixed ActionBar1 for RightClickSelfCast addon.
  • Fixed CastBarTicks by m2jest1c.
  • Fixed rare error in LiteStats.
  • Fixed text on RaidUtilityConvertButton.
  • Fixed boss number in test command.
  • Fixed alerts bottom position.
  • Fixed raid error on reload ui.
  • Some changes in chat copy.
  • Some changes in CombatLogQuickButtonFrame_Custom skin.
  • Some changes in TimeManager skin.
  • Deleted global name for some textures.
  • Use default texture for ConsolidatedBuffsIcon.
  • Abbr RaidCD names by m2jest1c.
  • Crop texture for ProfessionsDatabase dropdown menu.
  • Merge ShestakUI_DPS/ShestalUI_Heal with ShestakUI. Warning: ShestakUI_DPS/ShestalUI_Heal must be removed from Interface\Addons folder.
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes.