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File Name: ShestakUI 2.9.7 (565.1 KB) Download
Author: Shestak (Uploaded by Shestak)
Date Added: 26.11.2010
Downloads: 9241
Grade: A+
Date: 15.02.2011
UI Version: 2.9.7
WoW Version: 4.0.6
Change Log:
  • Update locales.
  • Updated toc files.
  • Same code cleanup.
  • Fixe same bugs.
  • Added same spells in Filger.
  • Update xCT, mount script, tooltip.
  • Fix raid frame updating when party/raid member changed.
  • Added nameplate overlap toggle to LiteStats from MoLLIa.
  • Added alDamageMeter toggle text in minimap dropdown menu(middle mouse).
  • Added "show combatlog chat tab" to config.
  • Added location and realm text for friend list on cursor+alt.
  • Move friend/guild/durability stats to bottomleft. Add classcolor for bnet friend list.
  • Changed moving function for bags, now shift+left click for moving.
  • Deleted "checkable" in minimap dropdown menu.
  • Added custom settings for ДобрыйДоктор .
  • Deleted Check Flask script, no more needed.
  • Added ALT+click invite script for chat.
  • Change font options for zhTW client.
  • Start styling totembar.
  • Fix new alt power bar.
  • Fixed Empowered Shadow spell id in Filger.
  • Added abbr for my guild.
  • Delete unit dropdown menu function.
  • Added options for global disable combat text.
  • Added auto disable combat text if MSBT installed.
  • Added koKR for group loot.
  • Updated locales.
  • Updated xCT.
  • Updated oUF.
  • Fixed actionbars.
  • Added option to hide tooltip in combat.
  • Added same red errors in filter and change my config.
  • Reduced the width of DBM bars at 1 pixel(need to re-enter /settings dbm).
  • Change font size for zhTW client.
  • Added "control by" in timer statistic tooltip.
  • Update zhTW/zhCN locales.
  • Delete unused texture.
  • Cleanup skin script.
  • Added Vengeance bar support in unitframe for DRUID, DEATHKNIGHT, PALADIN and WARRIOR.
  • Slightly reduced the font for tooltips zhTW client.
  • Set font for totembar hotkeys.
  • Fixed auto-release for shaman.
  • Added raid_groups options for DPS layout.
  • Global money translations for mail script.
  • Added same spells in xCT.
  • Improved mage/paladin minimap button for portals/seals.
  • Added Cataclysm food/flask/elixir in raid buff reinder.
  • Added same Cataclysm raid debuffs in Filger.
  • Fixed spell id in tooltip and added item id.
  • Updated oUF_AuraWatch.
  • Cleanup oUF_RaidDebuffs.
  • Deleted 4.0.3 check in moun script.
  • LiteStats arp > mastery.
  • Added textures for minimap ui icon and chat copy buttons.
  • Same changes for vehicle button.
  • Delete LK dungeons debuffs.
  • Delete LK debuffs from Filger.
  • Update Filger spells.
  • Fixed unrecognized color in LitePanels.
  • Upated mount script to use Abyssal Seahorse in Vashj'ir.
  • Added "author" settings for me, without many char names.
  • Updated map.
  • Fixed experience bar position if portrait enable.
  • Fixed HealPrediction bar.
  • Slightly changed the position of Streaming icon.
  • Added Tol Barad time progress in stats tooltip.
  • Fixed hide pet bar option.
  • Add Convert to party button in Raid Utility.
  • Added pvp timer for unit pvp status.
  • UnitFrame options separated into UnitFrame and RaidFrame.
  • Color selection for unit frames moved from Media to UnitFrame.
  • Added threat color selection options for nameplates.
  • Update locales.
  • Change hp/pp value for party DPS layout.
  • Added backdropcolor for ColorPicker buttons in config.
  • Fixed same bags and script cleanup.
  • Fixed reputation bar position if portrait enable.
  • Added same spells.
  • Deleted not used template for UF.
  • Updated zhTW locale.
  • Added average level in tooltip(by havoc74).
  • Returned WG under control, added TB under control.
  • Updated Credits.
  • Fixed party pet positions in DPS layout.
  • Improved mob marking script.
  • Changed Inner Will position in Filger.
  • Minor changes.
  • Same changes for keyring.
  • Added TargetFramePowerBarAlt.
  • Added same ruRU text in locale.
  • Added Drums of Fortitude in Reminder.
  • A detailed list of changes see here.
Upgrade: Delete xCT and LiteStats from "WoW\Interface\AddOns" folder.


Дата: 15.02.2011
UI Версия: 2.9.7
WoW Версия: 4.0.6
Список изменений:
  • Обновлены локали.
  • Обновлен toc файлы.
  • Чистка некоторого кода.
  • Исправлены некоторые баги.
  • Добавлены некоторые заклинания в Filger.
  • Обновлен xCT, tooltip, скрипт-макрос маунта.
  • Исправлено обновление рейд-фреймов момент их изменения.
  • Добавлена опция переключения "наложения" индикаторов здоровья на панель LiteStats от MoLLIa.
  • Добавлен alDamageMeter в список выпадающего меню мини-карты(средняя кнопка мыши).
  • Добавлена опция скрытия закладки "Журанл боя".
  • Добавлен текст зоны и сервера в список(курсор+alt) друзей bnet.
  • Перемещена статистика друзья/гильдия/прочность в нижний-левый угол.
  • Изменена функция перемещения сумок, теперь сумки перемещаются при нажатие кнопки мыши+shift.
  • Из выпадающих меню мини-карты удалены "переключатели" перед текстом.
  • Добавлены специфические настройки для ДобрыйДоктор .
  • Удален скрипт проверки "Настой Севера", теперь он применяется корректно.
  • Добавлена функция приглашения людей из чата(alt+клик).
  • Изменены опции шрифтов для zhTW клиента.
  • Начало стилизации тотембара.
  • Подробный список изменений смотрите тут.
Оновление: Удалить xCT и LiteStats из папки "WoW\Interface\AddOns".
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