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19.10.2012 until 18.11.2025
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Before posting a bug report... READ THIS

First use search in tags, search in forum or Google search. Perhaps your bug or problem has already been someone from the user interface.

If you can't find a similar error, try the following:
1 - If you have additional AddOns loaded, turn them off and try to reproduce the same error.
2 - Close "client WoW" and delete from the folder WTF the files ShestakUI.lua, ShestakUI.lua.bak, ShestakUI_Config.lua and ShestakUI_Config.lua.bak.
3 - Install latest ShestakUI version from this link.
4 - Run "client WoW" and try to reproduce the same error again.

If it didn't help and the error keeps appearing, the message should contain the following:
1 - ShestakUI version
2 - Installed/loaded modifications
3 - Screenshot (if it's important for the error)
4 - The code of the lua error (if it's important for the error)
5 - The way you reproduced the error

If points 1, 2, 3 and 6 are not given, the message will be ignored.
If the effects of the error can be seen on the screen and/or there's the text of the lua error, points 4 and/or 5 should also be written.


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